Calling cards

All right fellow Hi 5s! These are our calling cards! If you have received one, this means you were Hi 5’d! Please tell us where you received a “Hi 5” and what quote, joke or inspirational saying you received on the back! Did it make you smile? Did it make you think differently? Did you share your Hi 5 with someone else? It’s alright you don’t have to be shy around us! Image


The origins

ImageHere we are, just a group of misfit co workers and their loved ones getting together to spread a little cheer and goodwill.  If you would like to hear how this idea started please click on the following link, .

Ultimately we are just starting this, getting our feet wet and admittedly I have fears and doubts going into it.  My buddy the Barbarian and I had a conversation about what inspirational quotes we were going to hand out on our “Hi 5” cards.  Then a  sudden worry popped in my head, do we need a permit to spread fun and inspiration?

“What if we get cited by police who think we are soliciting?”, I asked.

With his quick wit the Barbarian responded, “Then we say, “Would you like a card officer?”

While continuing to chop onions with tears in my eyes, I inquired, “What if he gives us a ticket?”

Again the Barbarian wittily replied as if he were responding to our imaginary police officer, “Would you like a hug?”

The way we see it, this can either be the end of something great or the start of something new and brilliant.

Our aim is to get to know you, make you laugh or at the very least get you to crack a smile.  We are “The Hi 5s”.

We are still constructing our page, so please forgive us as we get our group together and our page.  Soon we will be posting pictures of our outings and soon, hopefully you will be posting back to us to let us know where you were “Hi 5’d”.